By creating an account you are giving Dailytics access to your Google Analytics (GA) profile. That's the basic permission to create a report.

Dailytics will access to the GA profile of the reports you have created every day, week or month (depending on the periodicity you defined in your report). It will query the GA API in order to get the most visited pages, according to the filters you defined in your report, and will crawl the pages in order to get titles, authors and images. Nothing of that will be stored in our database.

Once you create your report, Dailytics will query GA in order to get your current traffic records. That information (just the numbers) will be stored in our DB just because we'll be notifying you if you break another record!

Dailytics won't share/sell your data with any other party.

You can control who has access to your Google account in your "Privacy" settings of your Google account. You can cancel that access whenever you want. You can delete your account too, all your data will be deleted for ever.

The emails will be sent by Sendgrid and the payments (if you upgrade to a paid plan) will be handled by PayPal.

Finally, remember that Dailytics is a Google Analytics technology partner, so all the details of the service have been reviewed by an specialized team in the Google side.

If you have any question, just send us an email to: [email protected]