Working for ArchDaily, I realized how important was to analyze our traffic periodically in order to understand how our site performed, what kind of content our users liked most, who was driving traffic to our site, and a lot of other insights you can get from this amazing tool: Google Analytics.

Then I realized that I loved this data because I was a data geek, but most of my co-workers weren't. In fact a lot of them didn't know how to use this tool or the difference between a page view, a session and a visit. So I decided that we should find a way to send all the important data directly to their inboxes, and Wow! Google Analytics actually had this feature! So I setup an Email Report and Voila!

Once I started feeling confident about this new feature I had setup for my co-workers I got the first email from Analytics: It was so disappointing to get an (almost) blank email with a PDF attached! Specially if we were talking about Google.

That was the moment when I decided to build this tool and help my then co-workers and hopefully yours, back in 2015. Today they use (in fact, they read) Dailytics every day and celebrate when the report arrives with a special medal (that indicates they hit a traffic record again).

Gustavo G., creator of Dailytics

Gustavo Garcia - Founder