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8:00 AM
Threadless Daily Report [2022-11-14]

same day, last year [2021-11-14]


5.03 M (47%)


98.6 M (41%)

Session duration

3:35 (21%)

Bounce rate

22% (-1%)

The product of the day
Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski
5.93 k pageviews
Mains sources: Google, Facebook, Instagram
Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski
Most visited products
Main traffic sources
Main Traffic Sources
Last 60 days sessions
Main Traffic Sources
This is a sample report. The articles were taken from the Threadless site and the numbers were randomly generated.
Please note: Threadless isn't a Dailytics user yet. We simply love them.

Stop missing important website insights

Our pre-built and custom reports give you insights into important changes to your website traffic.

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Page traffic breakdown
Uncover under and over performing pages
Find out which pages are driving success and which pages are needing some love.
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Social media breakdown
Never miss a post on social
Our social media breakdown highlights if and when twitter, linkedin, instagram, and facebook are driving you traffic.
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Referral breakdown
Find out which marketing channels are performing best
Understand which marketing channels drove the most amount of conversions.

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    Forget about attaching emails into Slack. Enjoy the real Slack integration.
  • Simple filtering
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  • 60 days chart
    Add as many charts as you want and see data from the last 60 days.
  • Multi comparsion charts
    Compare different sources, different pages or different countries in the same chart!

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What our users say

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  • For those of us who worry about the metrics of their platforms but do not want to waste time, Dailitycs is a daily blessing, delivering accurate metrics at the right time, in morning coffee :)
    Miguel Michelson
    Founder @ Chaskiq
  • We have lots of dashboards and reports in Google Analytics, but Dailytics is the only one that gives us the most important metrics we need to understand our audience and optimize our content. It's a must-have for any content team.
    Ahmad Rahman
    Digital Experience Automation & Optimization @ AMD
  • Dailytics delivers the right dose of growth metrics every morning to go with the first coffee. It's so easy to use, customisable and useful that it's a joy.
    Miguel Paz
    Founder @ Reveniu
  • Dailytics helps us to sense our readers' preferences and give new life to items we thought were forgotten when they become popular again.
    Felipe Ovalle
    Co-Founder @ OhMyGeek!
  • Dailytics helps us navigate an ocean of data by providing a daily and precise snapshot of the analytics we need to understand before our morning coffee, eliminating all the noise and allowing us to jump into discussions quickly with our team. A must have for the teams of any site that produces daily content.
    David Basulto
    Co-Founder & Editor in Chief @ ArchDaily
  • Google Analytics can be very overwhelming and you can end up spending a lot more time than you intended. Dailytics makes it easy for me by pulling the reports that are important to me and emailing them to me on a daily basis. This helps me save time that I can spend on other areas of the business.
    Abbas Jaffar Ali
    Founder @ Tbreak Media
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