Dailytics for Agencies

Amaze your customers with a beautiful branded report

Do you manage multiple sites or run a Web Agency?

You can then apply for a boosted version of Dailytics and include it as one more of your current services and features. Amaze your customers sending them a branded report, directly from your work email as the sender.

We can also work together in order to get the most meaningful reports, adding complex Regular Expressions or understanding how to add the Google Analytics Goals in a chart widget, for example.

Report Customization

When you have a paid plan, you are able to:

  • Set your real email as sender
  • Set your personal message in the email's footer
  • Set your own logo in the email's footer
  • Remove all branding related to Dailytics

How can I get Dailytics for Agencies?

It's just US$ 3 per month. Yes! You will be able to send a daily/weekly/monthly report to your clients for just 3 USD a month.

Are you in? Contact us