About Dailytics

Dailytics.com was built for the need of getting a simple email report about how was our traffic yesterday in order to take actions today (for example: post in facebook the articles with high performance; Choose what articles to put in the homepage today, etc). I was very dissapointed of the solution that Google Analytics gives: a PDF report attached to an -almost- empty email.

Every report is made by widgets, that are blocks of data with optional filters by path and/or source. At this moment there are three types of widgets: top page (the first one in the next animation), top pages (the second one and the third one), and chart (the last one)

The idea is to focus on real articles/products, not category landings neither the homepage, so, for every url returned by Google Analytics, Dailytics will crawl the url looking for the Open Graph metadata specialy the og:type, that should match with a list of "leaf" types (article/product/movie/etc). If your site doesn't have the Open Graph metadata, then Dailytics will include the same list returned by Google Analytics.

When you have a top page widget in your report, Dailytics will also search for the og:image metadata, in order to include the image in the report and making it more meaningful. It will also ask GA for the different sources for that url to give you a quick answer to "why was this article the most visited?"

This is how your report will look like in your inbox. Of course, it's a sample, you will be able to include more widgets with your filters.